Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 - A Look Back

Once again, here's a bit from the first post of each month.

~~~(flashback sound effects) ~~~

January 1: Happy New Year!
I owe the Anonyparents' next-door neighbors an apology. For two years, I've been bitching about their New Years Eve fireworks that go on from about 8 pm to 3 am. (At least that's what happened when Peeper was two months old.)

Actually, it turns out that it's the whole freakin' neighborhood.

Our MOMS Club is holding a big (we hope!) indoor yard / bake sale on Saturday, to benefit a local family who has two children fighting a life-threatening hereditary illness, one of whom is not expected to win that fight. It's an incredibly sad situation, and I really hope we can help them.

(If you're local, please email me for details!)

So, today and tomorrow, Peeper and I are baking. And baking. And baking.

March 2: Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!
Today our MOMS Club celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday.

Or, perhaps I should say we celebrated it again, since so many of us were at the Target event on Saturday!

April 1: Last Day in Hometown
This is our last full day at the Anonyparents' house, before head to BabyBro and HisLovelyWife's for Phase II of the trip.

This morning, we dropped Anonymama at the beauty shop, and made a run to Starbucks for some coffee and breakfast while she got her hair did, then back for a brief visit with "Grandma's beautyshop ladies."

May 1: Nothing
Shrike has been pee-testing since Monday (although at least the first couple of days of that were pure folly) and we've seen nothing.

We keep thinking that if we stare at the sticks long enough, maybe something will show up, but alas, no.

June 1: Flyin' Free
We had big plans to grill this evening, but since we once again, neglected to buy new Matchlight charcoal for the new season, and once again, last summer's has dried out and once again, it would not light, and since it was still about 85 degrees out when we got hungry, we just cooked the chicken inside, with big plans to dine al fresco an hour or so later, when it was a bit cooler out.

July 1: Meet the Hopsicles!
All three embryos survived the thaw and (we are told) they looked great.

The transfer went as smoothly as it possibly could (unlike last time) and they're now tucked safely inside Mommy's uterus where, hopefully, one is getting ready to settle in for eight months or so.

August 1: Water Baby
For the second time in a row, a MOMS Club pool party was on swimming lessons day, so we figured we'd better not go - but, as luck would have it, Shrike's nephew's birthday dinner (14!) was this evening, right at lesson time, so we went to the pool party for lunch, out for dinner with the family, and will make up swimming lessons on Wednesday.

September 1: Gymnastics
This evening, Peeper and I took a free demo class at a gymnastics and dance studio near our house.

She loooooved it, but I think that instead of enrolling there, we'll probably take what we assume is a very similar class at the city recreation center, starting in a few weeks, because it's cheaper.

October 1: Happy Birthday to DaCousins!
Well, technically, they won't be two until tomorrow, but the big party was today. And I do mean "big." There were about fifty people, including something like fifteen kids. And several animals. 

November 3: Well Child Check
Today was Peeper's three-year-old check up, and she did great!

She was super-cooperative, and the doctor told her that she's "the perfect patient." Once again, when he asked "Can I listen to you?" she said, "Yes!" and held still for everything, and even trying to lie down to be examined before she actually needed to.

December 1: Advent Kickoff
It's December 1, so Peeper opened the first drawer on her advent calendar today!

There, she found a Hershey's Candy Cane Kiss (yummmmm) and a note with the picture that you see at the right.

It was a hint about a very special video email for Peeper - from Santa Claus!

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