Friday, April 1, 2011

Last Day in Hometown

This is our last full day at the Anonyparents' house, before head to BabyBro and HisLovelyWife's for Phase II of the trip.

This morning, we dropped Anonymama at the beauty shop, and made a run to Starbucks for some coffee and breakfast while she got her hair did, then back for a brief visit with "Grandma's beautyshop ladies."

Then we dropped her home and met Frappa for lunch and "big bye-byes," and then home, for a loooong nap for Peeper and dinner with the Anonyparents.

Now I'm trying to get packed up, because in the morning, Anonydaddy is taking us to Houston to pick up BabyBro and his crew for bluebonneting.

Breakfast of champions

Reading with Grandma

"Helping" Grandpa work


  1. Have fun and take pretty bluebonnet pictures!

  2. Really nice pics!! Any favorite shop in your home town?

    John from Store Hours


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