Saturday, April 2, 2011


This morning, Peeper, Anonydaddy and I met up with BabyBro et al and took the kids out to take photos in the bluebonnets.

We got lots of great ones and I will upload them when I get home. Peeper and I are staying with them for duration, and we plan to take the kiddos somewhere fun tomorrow, but we haven't decided where yet.

Right now, Peeper is snoozing beside me so I suppose I should join her.

The cousins hanging out before we hit the road.

Get on the baby train!

BabyBro and his lovely family.

Peeper at the first field that we visited

. . . and then my camera card filled up.

There were lots and lots of great photos taken with Anonydaddy's (super-duper fancy) camera, though, and I thought I had them all on a thumbdrive, but it doesn't seem to be showing them to me.

So, as soon as he or BabyBro can get them to me, I be posting some of them.

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