Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Fair

This evening, Peeper and I went to the regional state fair with LadyKay and #1.

I figured she'd be all about both the rides and the animals, but first (right after I purchased $20 worth of ride tickets) I realized that, except for the things that an adult could go on too, the minimum height for everything in the kiddie section was 36 inches. Which she is not.

Okay, well, we'll just ride some things together, then. Starting with the carousel, because I love the carousel.

Only this one? Was the fastest carousel I have ever been on.

I really don't think it was just because it's the first one I've been on with mah baybee, either. When it started, I had to grab hold of her horse's pole, and when she decided to abandon the horse so I could hold her, I was a little worried about having to let go of it!

After that, she was happy to get back up on my back, and stayed there the whole time.

Do you want to ride a train with Mama? Noooo
A car with Mama? Noooo
A pony? Noooo

Seriously. She tired down a pony ride.

Fucking carousel.

She was happy to look at animals, though, both in the petting zoo and in the livestock exhibits. And she enjoyed watching #1 ride the ferris wheel, once LadyKay explained it to her.

(Yes, one carousel and one ferris wheel. That's what we did with $20 of tickets. Frappa ended up not going with us this evening, but might go another time, so we're giving her the leftovers. Of course, if anyone but me had taken them home, she'd have them now, but noooo, I have to remember to give them to her tomorrow.)

Oh, and she discovered cotton candy. I wish I could have seen her as she was eating it for the first time. (But she was on my back. This is also why I have no photos of her to share with you. But, LadyKay took several and is supposed to send me some. I'll post them when I get them.)

AuntieKay said that she looked very skeptical at first, as she took a piece, and when we told her it was candy, she barely licked it and then looked even more skeptical, as she felt it on her tongue. And then she tasted it, and shoved the piece in her mouth, then asked for more, which she also shoved into her mouth as quickly as she could get it!

She also enjoyed the funnel cake, ice cream, fried cheese and "crazy fries" that we shared with her.

Not surprisingly, given that she'd napped all of about five minutes, while waiting for them to come pick us up, she conked out in the car on the way home, but amazingly (for her) she went back to sleep pretty easily.

Wearing all but her shoes and socks, with unbrushed teeth (yikes - see above, re funnel cake and cotton candy!) and in the same diaper that she's had on since about 5:30.

But she's asleep and I'm not messing with that!

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