Friday, July 1, 2011

Meet the Hopsicles!

All three embryos survived the thaw and (we are told) they looked great.

The transfer went as smoothly as it possibly could (unlike last time) and they're now tucked safely inside Mommy's uterus where, hopefully, one is getting ready to settle in for eight months or so.

This photo was taken right before they sucked them  up into the catheter for transfer. Don't they look like their big sister?

We had the same doctor as last time, which was great, because we really liked her, but we were in the same room where we transferred Peeper, and also the same cute young guy brought the embryos in and did the actual transferring of the embryos, as with Peeper (both different from last time).

(The doctor first threads a guiding catheter into the uterus, then when the embryologist brings in the catheter with the embryos, she threads it in through that. Then, as she's holding everything in place, she tells the embryologist to do the actual transfer, and he (or she, in the case of our previous transfer) pushes the plunger and squirts them into the uterus.)

So, we see that as a good omen, because I'm sure Peeper's success had everything to do with the room and the person on the other end of the catheter, right?

Anywho, here's Shrike all nakey and waiting. Well, you can't actually see the nakey part. Sorry.


  1. The resemblance is uncanny! ;)


  2. Beautiful! Burrow in, little ones.

  3. hi...i stumbled across your blog tonight and enjoyed reading your stories from the beginning of when you first started blogging to "how you made a baby" to now. what an awesome story! your daughter is adorable! congratulations on the embryos...wishing you lots of luck in the weeks to come!
    my husband and i are in the process of possibly using donor sperm bc of his chromosomal inversion. i also blog about our journey. i had to smile when you wrote that "whatever is in your head has to come out of your mouth"
    i look forward to following your story!
    best of luck,

  4. Fingers tightly crossed for you all ;) xxxx

  5. HOW EXCITING!!! the 2ww is going to kill me!!! ;-) good luck, ladies!!!


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