Monday, August 1, 2011

Water Baby

For the second time in a row, a MOMS Club pool party was on swimming lessons day, so we figured we'd better not go - but, as luck would have it, Shrike's nephew's birthday dinner (14!) was this evening, right at lesson time, so we went to the pool party for lunch, out for dinner with the family, and will make up swimming lessons on Wednesday.

It's the first time this summer that we've actually swam (swum?) in the outdoors and sunshine. I bathed Peeper in sunscreen (as I do everytime she plays outside) and reapplied about four times.

Myself, not so much. I sprayed down, but evidently did a kind of crappy job of it on my back. I'm not sore, just a bit red and a little itchy. Next time I will ask one of the other moms to help me out. Another advantage of spray-on sunscreen!

In other news, Peeper had a great time!

The Michelin Baby!
(Courtesy of our friend D who gave us this floaty suit, plus two or three others, and a ton of clothes!)

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