Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dental Disappointment

Don't worry, her teeth are fine. Well, we assume they are, but I guess we really have no way of knowing . . . .
I noticed a couple of weeks ago that the one filling that she has, on the front of one of her top front teeth (the one that's not capped) seems to be chipping off again. Even I (without my reading glasses) can see the edge of it, and food is getting caught underneath.

She's not due for a checkup until September, so we figured we'd better go ahead and take her in to get it fixed up.

She and I were on our own for the appointment, because Shrike had jury duty today, so I wasn't thrilled about that (mostly because of the hour drive each way) but she loves our dentist, so she was all excited about going.

About half way there, though, we ran into a big ol' traffic jam (I assume there was a wreck up ahead) and by the time we worked our way up to the point at which they were diverting the traffic off of the interstate and onto to the highway that runs parallel to it, it was time for the appointment.

So, I pulled onto the shoulder long enough to look up the phone number and call, then switched to speaker phone (that state - next door to ours - has a no-handheld-cellphone law) and called to let them know.

I was hoping they could fit us in after lunch, but her afternoon was full, so we had to reschedule for next week.

Peeper was crushed.

I was put on hold while the receptionist checked on openings, and while I was waiting, I told her that we weren't going to make it there today. By the time the girl came back on the phone, Peeper was wailing, "Deeeennnntiiiiissssst! Deeeennnntiiiiissssst!"

I told her, "I know this isn't going to change anything, but I just want you to know that my two-year old is in the backseat crying because she can't go to the dentist."

By the time we were back on the interstate, she was also crying for goody, so I pulled over at a Waffle House, because I'd seen a sign saying that kids eat free on Tuesdays.

In fact, I'd let our MOMS Club activities director know that, and we've got a "breakfast bunch" scheduled for at local one later this month.

When I asked what it is that she would get for free, I found out that it's only 2 - 6 pm on Tuesdays! Who eats waffles at 2 - 6 pm?

So, I had to send out a correction and apology to the MOMS Club folks. "Hi, I'm an idiot. Love, Your President." Just love when that happens.

Peeper did get her money's worth out of her paid lunch, though. We shared a breakfast combo, and she ate an order of bacon and about 3/8 of a (plate-sized) waffle, plus a bit of toast crust, the rest of the little tub of butter, some milk and a good bit of my decaf coffee. And nursed before and after.

That is a ton of food, for her.

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