Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dining Out

Shrike was on jury duty yesterday and today, so she was off work this evening. We went out to Ruby Tuesday for dinner, and when I mentioned that I was considering the salad bar, Peeper just had to have some, too. She said "yes" to every item I offered, as we were filling our plates, and actually ate many of them. She also had one of those incredible cheesey garlicy biscuits, and a good bit of macaroni and cheese.

This was after the waffle and bacon for lunch!

Oh, and that slash on Shrike's cheek? Courtesy of Peeper's nails, which I trimmed a day too late.


  1. Sounds fun. I love that little blue dress. I have always loved the simple little pullover ones. So cute!


  2. With all that eating, it sounds as if she might be on a growth spurt. Good for her, for trying salad bar stuff.

  3. BTW, didn't Shrike just have jury duty?


  4. LK - Can you see the doggies on the dress? It's one of Shrike's favorites.

    Anon - She has her hungry days and her not-so hungry days. This one was a hungry day. (For her!)

    She does seem to be having more of those lately.

    Could be a growth spurt, could just be growing up?

    I don't think she's nursing any less during the day, but she does seem to be going longer at night. She's (usually) going to bed much earlier than she was and (usually) goes until the same time in the morning without nursing.

    Unless, of course, she nurses all night long. But that's more likely to happen if she's not feeling well.

    I certainly wouldn't call her "night weaned" but I'd say that nursing for any significant time in the big middle of the night is more of the exception now than the rule.

    And, there's very little food that she rejects out of hand. She's much more likely to be all excited about it, and then spit it out because it turns out that she doesn't like it. Then do the same thing the next day.

    I'd much rather that than refusing to try things, but it does get a little frustrating when we waste the same thing over and over because I really just can't say "No, honey, you dont' like strawberries," when she tells me that they are her favorite food!

    LK - Shrike has done a total of four days of jury dury. About three weeks ago, she spent all day at the courthouse for jury selection. It seems that they can pick you for up to three days for trial, and lucky her, she got a one-day later that week and a two-day this week.

    The only other time she was called (several years ago) she got picked as well.

    I guess lawyers think she looks gullible?

  5. :D

    #1 had jury duty for both county and city just a couple of months apart.



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