Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Flyin' Free

We had big plans to grill this evening, but since we once again, neglected to buy new Matchlight charcoal for the new season, and once again, last summer's has dried out and once again, it would not light, and since it was still about 85 degrees out when we got hungry, we just cooked the chicken insidel, with big plans to dine al fresco an hour or so later, when it was a bit cooler out.

Then, Peeper - whom we can't keep in the house lately - insisted on eating inside, so we blew that off, too.

But, we did follow through on the other part of our plan, which was a family walk (dogs included) over to the ice cream shack around the corner.

Peeper and I went alone last week, but it was even better with all of us.

And, since we weren't going to be gone long, and would be outside the whole time, we let Peeper keep her panties on.

This is not only the first time she's left home in panties, but also the first time she's actually put clothes on top of them.

Note to self: Find all those 18 months shorts that you just cleared out of the dresser, because about 99% of the junk in her trunk is courtesy of bumGenius.

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  1. Yes, once kids start wearing panties instead of fluffy diapers, they look smaller! Dogs are so handy for cleanups when kids are eating. My son used to not like peas, and he would line them up on the side of his chair and the dog would scarf them down. I didn't know what was going on; my son confessed to me when he was older.


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