Sunday, May 1, 2011


Shrike has been pee-testing since Monday (although at least the first couple of days of that were pure folly) and we've seen nothing.

We keep thinking that if we stare at the sticks long enough, maybe something will show up, but alas, no.

And, this afternoon, she had some spotting. During my five unsuccessful IUI cycles, I never had any bleeding until after I'd stopped taking progesterone, so we were surprised to see that, but figure it can't be a good sign.

It's now 14 days post-retrieval, so although I suppose it's not impossible that things could turn out differently, we're not expecting to get any good news from our beta on Thursday.

Of course, Shrike is still following all the pregnant rules, but other than that, we've pretty much written this one of.

We do still have the three Hopsicles on ice, so I've already emailed our contact person at the clinic to let her know that when we go in on Thursday, we want to talk to someone about our options for a frozen transfer, and learn more about how that would work.

We have read that the odds of success with a frozen transfer are actually greater than fresh, because the embryos have been so well "vetted" - only the hardiest make it through the screening process and survive the freezing and thawing - so that's somewhat reassuring, I suppose.



  1. Have some hugs {{{Whozat and Shrike}}}

    Will keep my fingers crossed for you still xxx

  2. So sorry. It will happen, i just know it.


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