Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: Year In Review (Bloggy-Style)

The first paragraph from my first substantive post from each month of 2009, complete with links to the full posts, if you want to refresh your memory as to what the hell I was talking about.

January 3 - I Walk the Floor
Peeper's been having some gassy-tummy issues lately. (Does anyone know if she can take mylicon and gripe water at the same time?)

February 1 - Snuggle Bear's Big Adventure
It was a beautiful, sunny, "warm" (50s) day here, so we bundled Peeper up in what we're now calling her "snuggle-bear suit" from Vee and Jay, stuffed her into the wrap (in a new, "big-girl" carry! - mostly because she wasn't very bendable in the suit, so wouldn't go into her usual position) and went for her very first family walk around the neighborhood with the doggies.

March 2 - Overheard: Bye-Bye Bottle Edition
Today, we started "practicing" for Learning Center Online, and for me having to pump while Peeper's not able to nurse during surgery time, and for her doc wanting her to get the first couple of post-op feedings by bottle, so they can monitor her intake.

April 4 - Daily Peep: Out and About
It's a beautiful, sunny day, so Peeper and I took a little walk in our neighborhood. It was still pretty windy and chilly, so we didn't go far, but it was nice to get out for a few minutes.

May 3 - More Practice
So, now that Peeper's introduction to solid food is imminent - We're thinking the end of next week, based on a variety of factors, including banana ripening (It needs to be good and squishy.), our schedules (We have to find a time when we've got nothing else going on for a while, since the first time will be a Big Deal requiring Full Parental Participation - and a bath.), and neuroses too ridiculous to admit (Yes, mine. They are always mine.) - we're thinking we should at least pretend that we're eat-at-the-table kind of folks, because that was one important characteristics of the "better people" who we were supposed to magically become when we had a kid.

June - Trial by Cheese
We've decided that, now that Peeper's seven-and-then-some months old, it's time to do some experimenting to see if she's outgrown her dairy sensitivity.

July 3 - Spoke Too Soon
That Daily Peep photo from the wee hours is of Peeper lying on the floor giggling, after having fallen over backwards.

August 1 - Daily Peep: You Gotta BelieveNine months of breastfeeding. . . and counting.
As you know, Peeper and I got off to a very rough start with breastfeeding, but we hung in there and nine months later, we're still going strong.

September 5 - Whatchu Talkin Bout, Peeper?
A couple of days ago, Peeper and I were having a snack, and a chat. I said, "I love you," to which she responded "Ah-la-ya."

October 2 - It's Go-Time!
I heard from BabyBro a couple of hours ago, saying that SIL would be induced as soon as the perinatologist stopped by and signed off on it. He was expecting them to start within the next hour or two.

November 2 - Apple Cinnamon Pancakes
Okay, the kid's a year old. Maybe it's time to start getting our shit together around here.

December 3 - Daily Peep: Jolly Old St. Nick
Peeper and I went to visit Santa Claus this evening. Given the way she generally reacts to anyone other than me or Shrike holding her, I was kind of expected to come home with an official Bad Santa Photo, but she did amazingly well.

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  1. Hard to believe that whole tummy trouble thing was this time last year - and that she was so tiny then!


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