Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Practice

So, now that Peeper's introduction to solid food is imminent - We're thinking the end of next week, based on a variety of factors, including banana ripening (It needs to be good and squishy.), our schedules (We have to find a time when we've got nothing else going on for a while, since the first time will be a Big Deal requiring Full Parental Participation - and a bath.), and neuroses too ridiculous to admit (Yes, mine. They are always mine.) - we're thinking we should at least pretend that we're eat-at-the-table kind of folks, because that was one important characteristics of the "better people" who we were supposed to magically become when we had a kid.

To that end, I tried to remember to sit myself down at the table, with her in her high chair, for at least some of my many mini-meals today (yesterday).

As you can see, I've loaded her up with lots of food-related things to play around with - some plastic bowls and spoons, and a variety of sippy cups, each with a tiny bit of cold water in it - and she is very much enjoying them.

The table is set
I've also devised a system for boosting her up a little higher, and propping her more upright in the chair. It involves three handtowels. And, once there's actual food, I suspect it will require frequent laundering, as well.

I'm kickin' ass in here, now!
(If only my arms were long enough to reach anything.)

She should be an old pro at the highchair and the "mealtime routine" by the time we get around to actually giving her anything to eat.

So, where's this banana you keep talking about, Mama?

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