Sunday, February 1, 2009

Daily Peep: Snuggle Bear's Big Adventure

It was a beautiful, sunny, "warm" (50s) day here, so we bundled Peeper up in what we're now calling her "snuggle-bear suit" from Vee and Jay, stuffed her into the wrap (in a new, "big-girl" carry! - mostly because she wasn't very bendable in the suit, so wouldn't go into her usual position) and went for her very first family walk around the neighborhood with the doggies.

She seemed to enjoy it (as much as one can tell at this age) although she was asleep before we made it around the block.

I had to take photos when we got home to record the occasion for posterity, but I think I should've had Shrike do it, instead of taking them myself, in the mirror. Sorry for the crappy image quality!

The "big girl carry" was working much better for her when she was awake, I promise!

(Oh, and those two children in the frame on the dresser? With all the hair? That's us, taken the weekend that we first met in "real life" - damn near eleven years ago!)


  1. AH, nice to see her looking happier with her snuggle bear suit ;o)

  2. I remember seeing that picture of you and Shrike oh so many years-ish ago. LOL Of course, i remember meeting you both in real life.. looking pretty much like that. I think Shrike's hair MIGHT have been shorter. Sigh.. and I remember when Peeper was just a 'jar on top of the fridge'. Boy, i'm feeling nostalgic this morning. I LOVE the snuggle bear suit!

  3. I think we need a close-up of the dresser photo. :D


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