Saturday, August 1, 2009

Daily Peep: You Gotta Believe
Nine months of breastfeeding. . . and counting.

As you know, Peeper and I got off to a very rough start with breastfeeding, but we hung in there and nine months later, we're still going strong.


  1. Ooooo, an actual edited video! Very, very cool.

  2. Such a cool video! I've been lurking for a while but I really appreciate all of your posts about iron deficiency and breastfeeding. My daughter is almost 8 months old and I'm pretty sure that she still gets at least 95% of her calories from breastmilk (we just started solids recently and we're also doing BLW, but her daycare isn't, so she at most gets a full meal once a day) and I'm also pretty sure that she will test iron deficient when we test her (we're inadvertently vegetarians at the moment) so it's really nice to both read what you've been doing and all the comments about avoiding mommy-guilt. I'm also amazed that you have such a wonderful breastfeeding relationship after such a rocky start. We also had a rocky start (I have nightmares about putting ice cubes on my newborn daughter's stomach to keep her awake long enough for a feeding - all doctor-mandated of course) but luckily managed to avoid artificial nipples and now my daughter is a very enthusiastic breastfeeder (recently complete with sounds I can only compare to preparation for a great karate move). I hope you are really proud of all the work you've put into breastfeeding.

  3. Rachel - Thank you very much. It is my proudest accomplishment.

    We put lots of wet washcloths on Peeper's head to wake her up for nursing, but no ice cubes.

    Sounds awful - but if it helped you avoid the artificial nipples and nipple confusion, it sounds like it was worth it.

    (Speaking as one who *didn't* avoid those things!)

    I've gotten lots and lots of suggestions and advice about upping Peeper's iron intake; maybe some of those will be helpful to you, as well.

    I think the biggest issue it that, as much as she loves her chewin' food, she only swallows a bit of it, so isn't getting all that much of what it has to offer.

    I've (mostly) come to terms with the iron drops, but I'm also trying to increase what's available in her diet, as she does start to actually ingest more solid food.


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