Saturday, September 5, 2009

Whatchu Talkin Bout, Peeper?

A couple of days ago, Peeper and I were having a snack, and a chat. I said, "I love you," to which she responded "Ah-la-ya."

A little while later, she signed, "more." (She's done it several times, but not real consistently.)

I wasn't sure what she wanted more of, because she was eating both Cheerios and rice cake (and some other stuff that would have require me to get up and walk to the fridge). I put the Cheerios box and a piece of my rice cake in front of her and asked, and she very clearly indicate the Cheerios.

(I couldn't actually see her hands, because the box was in the way, so I suspect she reached for it, rather than pointing at it. She really doesn't point yet.)

At the end of the meal, she was fussing a bit, and acting like she might want to get down, but still eating a bit. She seemed to be putting her hands in the air, possibly in an attempt to sign "all done."

I asked her (while signing), "Do you want more or are you all done?"

She said, "Al-dah!"

I'm pretty sure that both were coincidences, but they were spookily clear.

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  1. Yayayayaya!!!!!!!! Go Peep Go!!!!! :)


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