Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wreather Madness

I finished up my wrapped-yarn wreath a few days ago, which was just a matter of gluing on the snowflakes. I think I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, but I might decide to add a little more oomph. Not sure what, though.

Today, I got really crazy and made a real, honest-to-Santa-Claus, hand-assembled pine bough wreath, complete with ornaments!

I started with a wire hanger, bent it into a circle and then twisted the hanger part down and around, using pliars. (I probably picked up that tip from somewhere on Pinterest, too.)

I then used tie wraps to attach pieces of the branches that were trimmed from our Christmas tree, to allow it to fit into the tree stand.

When the whole hanger was covered, I snipped off the ends of the tie wraps, and various pokey-outy pieces until it looked more or less roundish.

Then I plucked some of the woodsy / campy ornaments off of the tree and wired them onto the wreath with ornament hooks.

I topped it off with a bow made from a ribbon that we saved from one of Peeper's Amazon-gift-wrapped birthday presents, and as she would say, Ta da!

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  1. Peeper watched me making it, and was very complimentary. This evening, she walked past where it's hanging on the wall, stopped, and said, "Oh! Beautiful wreath!"


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