Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Shrike is working today, as are her sister and her partner, I think, so we're having the big family dinner on Sunday, but the three of us went out to Ruby Tuesday before she left for work.

Peeper dressed for the occassion. Sort of.

Shrike and I shared a crab cake dinner, with baked macaroni and cheese on the side (cakes for her, mac and cheese for me) and several of their amaaaazing garlicky cheesey biscuits, and Peeper ordered the salad bar. Seriously.

I took her with me, and every thing I offered, as we went down the bar, she said she'd take. There were several things that she didn't actually eat, of course, but she did some serious damage to the shredded cheese, matchstick carrots, black olives, croutons, sesame seeds and ranch dip.

And, when we got home, she did a little yard work.

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