Thursday, November 24, 2011


This was my president's column for the November MOMS Club newsletter. I thought I'd share it here, since I don't really have it in me to, essentially, write the same thing over again in different words.

November is traditionally a month for thankfulness, a time to take a moment to be grateful for all that we have, and to count our blessings.

Recently, my family has encountered a series of minor setback and major inconveniences, but we've tried to see the bigger picture, and keep the more important things in mind.

All three of us spent about six weeks recently fighting a nasty respiratory infection, but through it, we knew that we all would recover before long.

We have a roof leak and interior water damage, but our insurance policy is covering all the repairs, and even if our house is falling apart, at least we have one.

Shrike's work schedule isn't always the greatest, but she has a job that pays (most of) the bills, which is certainly not to be taken for granted these days.

And, as you all know, life with a toddler can be trying and frustrating at times, but Peeper is an amazing, happy and healthy kid - something that has not always been a given for her.

I recently heard a song that says it much better than I can:

Noisy kids are happy kids,
And slamming doors just means we live,
In a warm and happy home,
Your long hours and those dishes in the sink,
Means a job and enough to eat.

So I'm gonna thank You, Lord,
For noisy children and slamming doors,
A husband workin' all the time,
Draggin' in dead tired and night
A never-ending messy kitchen.

For my busy little bees,
Begging Mama, Mama, can we please?
Always wanting me to call their name
Loads of laundry pilin' up
Crayons crushed into the rug
And those sticky little kisses,
And dirty dishes.

"Dirty Dishes"
recorded by Scotty McCreery
songwriters Tony Martin, Neil Thrasher and Michael Dulaney

May you all find plenty to be thankful for this season.

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