Friday, September 6, 2013

What a Day

(Note: Photo added 9/23/13)

I dropped Peeper off at school this morning, then drove back around to the front of the building to park, and went in for a make-up meeting about the school's silent auction. Somehow, I managed to volunteer to work on the auction committee but wasn't able to make the meeting on Tuesday, because of work. So, today, I met with the chairwoman and another mom, and got my marching orders. I seem to have volunteered to work on soliciting donations.

From there, I drove to the far end of town for a MOMS Club board meeting, and the back to pick up Peeper at school. We had some lunch, and then went to a doctor's appointment to have my knee looked at.

It's been swollen for months, but not hurting at all, but the xray showed "degenerative joint disease." Well, duh.

The official diagnoses was "wobbly kneecaps" which is the exact same thing I was told the first time I took that knee to an orthopedist (when it actually was hurting) when I was twelve years old and weighed eighty pounds. I have some exercises I'm supposed to do, and I can ice it when I'm going to be doing a lot of walking. Actually I'm supposed to ice it now, to try to get the swelling down, but ain't nobody got time for that.

Then to the farm to pick up our CSA veggies, dropped them at home and we were off again to First Friday.

While we were home, Peeper changed clothes. Here's the ensemble she put together.

In addition to our usual stops for coffee and dancing in front of the courthouse, I hit up several downtown merchants for auction donations. I got a couple, and left info for several. And one MOMS Club friend has agreed to make a donation. Not a bad start.

And, finally, home to get this little girl to bed. She's really missing Mommy, but she'll be coming home late tomorrow (after she's in bed).

My phone isn't charging properly, so we weren't able to actually talk to her this evening, but Peeper dictated an email for me to send to her. She just kept going, and I typed as fast as I could. The only editing I did was to change her long, run-on, "...and...and..." to separate sentences. The words are all hers.
I wish we could call you. I love you. I wish you could stay home. I hope you could play with me when you come home Saturday night. I mean I wish I could play with you Sunday morning. I wish you could stay home. I miss you. I really like you to stay home and be with me, and be with Mama and me. If the phone saves its battery, then we could call you. And if it goes to sleep and turns off its ringer, and saves its battery, and then wakes up and find out it's saved its battery. Turn your phone off and sleep well, and I hope you have fun at your hotel and I hope you can score a luggage cart. And, I wish you could read me a story before I go to bed, and at the end of the story, get Mama. And I love you and I'm sending you a message from Mama and me. And I hope you sleep well at your hotel, with all of your work friends. And be kind to your work friends when you come back from your trip. I hope you have a good night's sleep, and I'll see you on Sunday morning when I wake up and Mama wakes up. And I hope you can play with me and my toys. And I hope you brought your pajamas with you, and your nightgowns with you, and your things with you and have a good day in the morning. And have a good lunch. I hope you get a good night's sleep, and I love you, from Mama and me.

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