Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dance Night

Tonight was Peeper's first dance class of the new year.

Since Shrike is away, her parents picked Peeper up at school at noon, and I picked her up from them when I got off work at two. We went by the library to drop off some books, check out some more and play for a bit.

(A new 1:30 pm story time started today. She couldn't go this week, but usually Shrike will take her after school, and we'll trade off there.)

Then we grabbed some dinner and went to dance class. I was a bit confused about the time for a little while, so her class had just gone in when we arrived, with Peeper still in street clothes. I got her dressed, put her "poodle pack" on her back, and she bopped right into class, with a big smile on her face.

That was not the same kid I sent into dance class last year!

I didn't get any photos of her in her dance gear, but I did get one in her new bedtime get-up.

Jammies (for a change), slippers beside the bed, and her "sleeping hat."

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