Wednesday, September 4, 2013

On Our Own

(Note: I'm having some issue with my phone, so I've got a bunch of photos that are stuck in it, and some days that I was unable to take any. I'll add what I can when I get it up and running.)

Shrike left this morning for a work training in Salt Lake City. This is a new one for us; usually Peeper and I are leaving her home alone, but she's never left us before. Peeper's not so sure about it.

She did like getting to go play at Eena and Papa's house when they picked her up from school at noon, because I was working until two.

We talked to Shrike on the phone briefly this evening, and things seem to be going well there, so far.

Actually, given her usual work schedule, things weren't that different than normal, but it will be weird not having her here tomorrow.

Peeper was not thrilled about the prospect of "Mommy's Work Trip," so it remains to be seen how she's going to do over the next few days.

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