Saturday, September 7, 2013

Not-So-Fashionably Late

(Note: I'm having some issue with my phone, so I've got a bunch of photos that are stuck in it, and some days that I was unable to take any. I'll add what I can when I get it up and running.)

Peeper and I went to the Farmer's Market this morning, then visited a few more business to hit them up about her school's silent auction.

When we went back to the car, which was parked by the market, I found this under my windshield wiper.

I wonder which ones he was talking about?

When we left there, we went to Target to pick up a birthday present for G, whose party was this evening. We had lunch out, and then, since we had an hour to kill before the party at 4:30, we came home, rested a bit, changed clothes and got ready to go.

We got in the car right at 4:30, and I looked at my phone, and saw a message from G's mom D, asking "Are you coming?"

I said "We're in the car" and wondered why she was asking me that.

Then I realized. The party didn't start at 4:30. It started at 3:30.


The party was at a local "fun place" with games and batting cages and a "habitrail" climbing structure for the little ones. By the time we got there, the kids were eating pizza and cupcakes, and almost ready to go back to play.

Peeper ate and then disappeared into the habitrail for the next hour or so. Every now and then, I'd see her come flying off the slide, and run back around to the entrance, or she'd come over to the table for a drink of water.

At some point, when we were talking about us being late, D pointed out that I'd done exactly the same thing for G's birthday party last year.

Well, obviously, she just schedules her birthday parties an hour too early.

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  1. Stopping in as I do to see how Peeper's growing... and saw this. Remember when we (or was it JUST me?) left a note on a lesbian like vehicle.. in the Chambersburg Wal Mart parking lot? Or was that YOUR car? I can't remember.... but this just reminded me of such events where we tried to find some non-hoity toity lesbians who are real. And then we found... that lady who kept referring to her female dogs as what they actually are... BUT, I did find Lucia Woolbert (of Heather and Lucia) on Facebook. Well, she found me, actually. Anyway... um. yeah. And there you have it. Sending you both, and Peeper, big big big love. OH.. and Deion.. he's 20. Like as in 20 years old enough to make his own daggone hot chocolate. ;-)


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