Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mommy's Home!

(Note: Photos added 9/23/13.)

Shrike got home last night, and boy, was Peeper happy to see her today!

It was a lovely day, so we grilled some chicken for dinner, We are loving this garlic and herb marinade that we discovered this summer. It's just your typical grocery store packet-of-seasoning, but it's amazing on chicken. Even Peeper asked for thirds!

I also cut up a variety of potatoes (purple, red and white from our CSA share, plus some Yukon Golds from our garden) and some carrots that Peeper pulled for me, including red, orange, yellow, white and green; oddly, there were not purples in the bunch, but those are orange on the inside, anyway.

I roasted those with some onion, garlic and basil (also CSA) and a bit of olive oil, butter and sea salt.

They were also delicious, as were the grilled onions and bell peppers, and then little crispy fried onions that I made this afternoon, having been inspired by some I got at the falafel stand at the Farmer's Market yesterday.

I think I will make both for the veggie-themed MOMS Club Recipe Club that I'm hosting next week.

Of course, Peeper's favorite part of having Mommy home is that she got to have a slumber party read her bedtime stories and tuck her in. (Most of the way. I usually have to come in at lights-out time and seal the deal.)

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