Friday, July 19, 2013

Keepin' Cool at the Pool

MOMS Club had a pool day scheduled for this afternoon, but yesterday and this morning, one by one, everyone but us cancelled. Oh well, Peeper and I know how to have fun on our own.

Next time we go swimming, I really need to dust off my actual camera, which is waterproof, and take it along, because my phone is, of course, hiding in the bag the whole time we're there, safe and dry, and the only photos I got were during a snack break.

We had a great time, of course. Peeper was just beside herself it all, and having a ball. There's not much better than that.

She was very excited that she can touch bottom in this pool now. She's just barely touching, so she went back and forth between wearing her float pack and "swimming" and going without it and walking. She practiced some of her swimming lesson skills, but wasn't interested in putting her face in the water a whole lot.

It was a great day to spend submerged in cold water, because this is what we saw when we got back out to the car. (That claims to be an outside temperature, but it does go down when you get the air going, so it's obviously measuring something that's got a greenhouse effect going on.)

If if you can't tell, that numeral in he ones place is not a one, it's a seven.

Afterward, we had an early dinner and some ice cream, then we got home just as a pretty impressive, and much-anticipated (see above, re unGodly heat) thunderstorm was blowing in. I'm glad we opted for a sandwich at Dunkin Donuts to go with our Baskin Robbins, and didn't go to the Mexican restaurant across the lot where we usually go, because if we'd waited on sit-down food, we would've been driving home when the worst of it, including hail, was going on!

I thought for a little while there that we might need to go in the basement, but it never got quite that bad, so we kept an eye on it, and now we can check out "storm watch" on our Summer Wish List. (Which actually exists only in my notebook. Next year, we'll probably have to make something craft to post on the wall, because it's likely that she'll be able to read it.)

After the storm settled down, we played for a good while, and did some experiments and practice-runs and planning and even a tiny bit of crafting in preparation for a MOMS Club activity that we're hosting on Monday. If I can remember to take photos, I'll post about it later. Some of the people who will be there read this, and I don't want to spoil any surprises.

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