Saturday, July 20, 2013

Festival Day

Today was our town's big summer festival, which commemorates the burning of the town during the Civil War. Peeper and I spent much of the day at the street fair portion of the program, and then went back this evening for a reenactment of the burning.

We started out at the library's kid zone, where Peeper danced with a pig, and made a "fossil." We also picked up a ticket for the afternoon drawing. There were several prizes, including two Kindle Fires.

Then across the street to the Farmer's Market, where we picked up some peppers and potatoes and a watermelon, and had falafal for lunch.

That's all the photos I got, but we then walked the length of the fair to the theater to catch a ballet performance, and then back for the drawing. The very first ticket drawn was ours! Of course, I would have rather been one of the last two tickets, and gotten a Kindle Fire, but Peeper will enjoy the art materials, too.

When we came home, Peeper had a package waiting for her from AuntieKay - her very own sunbonnet, just like Laura and Mary!

We were going back downtown in the evening, for the reenactment of the burning, so I suggested that she wear her bonnet, so she could be a little girl in our town during the war.

She decided to go another route with her costume.

She got a temporary head-gear upgrade from an actual reenactor.

Right before things got started, around 9 pm. This is Memorial Fountain in the middle of the square, and the steeple is the church where Peeper went to Mother's Day Out.

After a potty break, we stayed across the street from the courthouse, where I got this photo of the fountain from the other side, with a beautiful full moon above. In the bottom left corner, you can see a building "burning." (It's done with fog and lights and sound effects. Very convincing.)

Peeper and the narrator of the pre-reenactment show. He played "a town leader" during the reenactment itself.

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