Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sneaky Smoothie

After the tour this morning, Peeper and I grabbed some lunch and then ran some errands, which included dropping off some forms at the Montessori school that she'll be attending in the fall.

When I called this morning to make sure someone would be there, I asked if we could take a peek at her classroom, and as it turned out, one of her teachers was there, so we got to meet her. Actually, we already had met her, because she's the same one who did Peeper's visit as part of the application process.

She was just getting started on putting the room back together after having the floors spiffed up, so none of the cool stuff was out yet, just some shelves. And the bunny is at her house for the summer, so we didn't get to see him.

But she did get another visit with her, and got to see which room she'll be in, and now that we know it's the one she's already checked out, she'll probably have a better idea what to expect.

Our last errand was a stop at Staples to by some little metal brads, so we could replace the glued-on wheels of her Ingalls' covered wagon with bigger, stronger wheels that actually roll. All day, I kept her moving from task to task and in and out of the car by saying, "If we don't hurry, we won't have time after our other errands to stop at Staples and get brads. . . ."

But what about the smoothie?

When we got home, we were very hot and tired, so I suggested that we make a smoothie. She was down with that, but wanted just strawberry. (She had a strawberry smoothie from the coffee shop downtown last weekend.) I told her that was fine, but it would be really tart, so I'd strongly suggest adding banana to sweeten it up. "Okay, then, make it strawberry-banana."

I got out all the fruit from the freezer, because I wanted to make myself one with everything after I did hers, but then I got to thinking. . . .

I asked her if she wanted to help, and she did. After she put in the strawberry and bananas, I said, "Hey, I have a few blueberries, would you like to put those in, too?" "Okay!"

"What about these green grapes?" "Sure!"

"And the purple grapes?" "They actually look black . . . one more . . . two more.

And so on, until . . . .

When she tasted it, she said it was yummy, and I said "thank you," then as she ran off, I said, "And what do you say?"

"Thank you for letting me put all the fruits in!"

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