Monday, May 6, 2013


I didn't get any photos of Peeper today, and when I went in a few minutes ago to get one of her sleeping, she started rolling around and whimpering, so I chickened out. Maybe later.

That makes the third time this evening that she's settled herself back to sleep without (much) intervention from me. (Translation: Without intervention from my boobs.)

I hesitate to say this "out loud" because you know how that jinxes things, but she's getting pretty good about going back to sleep on her own after I get her up to potty, and sometimes even when she's woken up and I've gone in to her, then taken her to the bathroom.

The sweetest thing is when I put her back in bed, and she looks around and asks, "Where's [insert must-have stuffed animal du jour - tonight it's a stuffed version of a donkey pinata, which LadyKay bought her at our favorite hometown Mexican restaurant]?" I hand it to her, she mumbles, "Thank you," hugs it and starts snoring.

"Thank you." In her sleep. Parenting WIN!

Tonight, when I tucked her in - which generally involves nursing while I read (Tonight it was four profiles from Amelia to Zora: Twenty Six Women Who Changed the World. - Amazon affiliate link), then lights out and more nursing until she falls asleep - she nursed for a while after lights-out, and then said, "No more goody." She unlatched and we rolled over from reading position to snugging position, and she started mumbling to herself.

I heard "mmmbbblll mmmbbblll, five sheep, six sheep, seven sheep, eight sheep, nine sheep, ten sheep, mmmbbblll mmmbbbll" . . . pause. . . "Goody!"

It was all I could do not to laugh when she started counting!

Aha! Got it!

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