Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pre-Birthday Dinner

After we got ourselves all cleaned up from gardening all day, we went to TGI Friday's to use my buy-one-entree-get-one-free birthday coupon. (It's next Saturday.)

Of course, Peeper escaped to the yard again after she was dressed, but miraculously stayed clean. Well, clean enough. There may have been bits of freshly-mown grass in her braid.

Then she told us that she was just too exhausted to go out to dinner, but she got over it.

When we told her we were going to Friday's, though, she told us that she "doesn't like their food," but when individual bites of chicken, beef or carrot asked to go to the party in her tummy, they were quite welcome.

T\the first time I offered her beef, as she took the bite, I referred to it as steak. She spit it out immediately, and said, "I don't like steak!" with a very "ick" face on.

I apologized, cut it in half, and said, "How about some beef instead?" while offering her one of the pieces. She gobbled it right up, and agreed that the "beef" was much better than the "steak."

On a related note, a while back when we were out to dinner, I told her to be careful with the (regular, not very sharp) knife, and she said, "It's not a beef knife!" Now we know why.

Shrike was nice enough to get a few photos of the two of us being silly after we ate.

She may be a bit sillier than me.

I really wish this one were in focus.

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