Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Freezer Full

This morning, Peeper and I went to a Tastefully Simple freezer cooking workshop with the MOMS Club. We each paid the Tastefully Simple lady $45 for some ingredients (that was the price if you were sharing some with a friend, I went that round) and the brought a bunch of ingredients and supplies from the list that she gave us, and all got together and followed simple printed instructions for combining various ingredients in ziplock bags, then stuck on pre-printed labels with cooking instructions. Easy-peasy.

Officially, we made ten meals, but I split three or four of them into two or more bags, and at least three others are still all in one bag, but will probably make two meals.

We consider "one meal" to be enough for the three of us to eat for lunch, with leftovers for Shrike to take for dinner, and maybe enough for me and Peeper to have for dinner, as well. So when I say "two meals" I guess I technically mean "four meals."

Oh, and there are a dozen full-size and four slider-size hamburger patties, too.

On the top left are breads, on the top right are bags of cheese. The entire bottom shelf is filled with meals from today.

After I got everything put away, I cooked up one of the four bags of chicken fingers for lunch. We also got a sheet of side dish recipes (featuring our Tastefully Simple leftovers, of course), so I scanned it to find something that looked quick and easy.

I ended up making some roasted carrots, but I had to modify the recipe a bit, because it called for season salt, and we had to give ours away.

At the workshops, we had everything almost completely cleaned up, when Peeper opened a friend's jar of season salt and dumped it all out on top of her ice chest. Then I had it almost all scooped up into a bag, when she came back and swept her hand across the remaining pile, sending it flying into all four built-up cupholders on top of the ice chest.

In her defense, based on a later conversation, I think she thought she was "helping" by "dusting it off."

She was mistaken.

Anyway, so for the carrots, I used olive oil, Tastefully Simple Onion Onion seasoning, a teeeny bit of salt and some basil. They were delicious, and I didn't think I liked carrots!

I also served a spinach salad, the rest of the rainbow rice, and some of the bread that Peeper and I baked a couple of days ago. (Same recipe as before, new loaf.)

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