Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We're Heroes!

When we got home from the freezer cooking workshop, our friend T emailed everyone who'd been there to ask if they'd seen C's blankie. She's had it all her life, uses it to sleep, and was not going to handle it being lost.

I offered to pop back by the church (where we usually meet; we used their kitchen for the cooking workshop) on the way to dance class and check for it.

T happened to mention that C might have taken it into the closet where they keep the balls (The kitchen is part of the "Family Life Center" or gym.) so Peeper and I looked in there.

I didn't see it anywhere, but then something caught my eye, sitting on the bottom step of a set of stairs in the back of the closet.

I was afraid that if I went in the door would shut and lock me in there, so I held it open and sent Peeper in to check and see what it was. I was almost certain it was a plastic grocery bag, but I figured it was worth a look.

As she walked out into the light, it materialized into a blankie. It wasn't the color I was expecting (I was actually envisioning a different MOMS Club kid's blankie.) but it had a name embroidered on it C_____ D_____.

That had to be it.

I texted T one of these photos of Peeper with the blankie  . . .

. . . but before she had time to respond, I went ahead and called her.

When she answered I asked, "Is her middle name D_______?"

I had to hold the phone at arms length to avoid being deafened by the screams.

She was already on her way over for one more look, so we just hung out til they got there.

While we waited, Peeper drove me to the North Pole to visit Frosty the Snowman and Santa Claus.

When Peeper gave the blankie to C, she didn't seem to react much, but maybe that's because she was exhausted from having missed her nap (which required the blankie).

According to T's blog post about it, she was pretty happy to see it, though.

I'm glad we could help.


  1. Yay again, my comment published! I have been having trouble for awhile that I would make a comment, then when I hit Publish, it would disappear instead of posting. Hopefully that it over!

  2. Yes, you and Ellie will forever be our heroes:)


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