Thursday, February 2, 2012

Library Loser

It's week two of evening story time at the library, and I managed to remember, oh, hours in advance to call and sign up. As it turned out, they've signed us up for the whole six-week series, so that's cool. 

I got Peeper all ready to go, and we were actually out of the house in plenty - more than plenty - of time for the 6:30 session. 

In fact, when I got the library, it was only about ten after, and I didn't want to hang out waiting for that long, so I decided to zip up the road to the bank, and deposit some checks that have been riding around in my wallet for a while, plus a fairly sizable one that I received today. 

When I gave them to the cashier at the drive-through, she held up the big one and said, "I can't do anything with this one until they sign it." 

Son of a . . . . 

So, I will be mailing that back tomorrow, for a signature. 

But, the others are deposited, which is good, and we got back to the library by around 6:25, just in time . . . for the last half of the last book, and then the craft. 

Because story time starts at six.

And I am an idiot. 

I don't think Peeper realized the difference, though, and she got to make her craft, and we hung out and played afterward until she decided that she was done. 

See, she's having a great time. Not scarred at all by her mother's incompetence.

Today's books were about snowmen. This guy actually is, more or less, supposed to look like this. He's looking up at the falling snow, so his nose points up and he has no eyes. There should be a "mouth made out of coal" but I let Peeper draw it herself, so not so much with the little Sharpie dots, all in a row. (She also drew his "arms" and stuck his scarf on herself.)

On the way home, she was holding it and told me that he looks sad. When I asked why he's sad, she said that it's because the snowflakes are melting. 

Makes sense to me. 

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