Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Taco Pizza

As part of my attempt to actually plan and execute semi-regular meals around here, I'm trying the "theme night" approach, except that I have more like two weeks worth of themes, and they are happening at noon instead of at night and well, I'm me, so we'll just have to wait and see how it pans out. 

For example, this morning, I looked at my "plan" and saw that it was Mexican day, and I'd listed enchiladas. Cool. Now, I just have to find an enchilada, or enchilada casserole somewhere on Pinterest, right. 

Oh, I need to find one that doesn't require a can of enchilada sauce, because I don't have that. 

Or that or that, from that other recipe. 

Hey, how about Taco Pizza?

Of course, I changed a few things: Canned chicken instead of ground beef (with less taco seasoning), white onions instead of green, and no tomatoes. I also only put onion on about half, because Shrike doesn't like them. 

Getting the canned chicken ready to go is much quicker than ground beef. Especially when the ground beef is in the freezer, in a three-pound block. 

The crust is made from canned crescent roll dough, and is baked first.

Then add refried beans, chicken (or beef), cheese and veggies.

And bake.

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