Monday, January 30, 2012


I (finally) went to the grocery today - Aldi, Giant AND Target, plus a stop at Staples for more baskets. Don't bother trying to shop at any of those stores for a while, there's nothing left.

And I shouldn't bother trying to shop anywhere for a while, because there's no money left either!

We were doing "what can I make out of these things I can scrounge in the pantry" for a while, so we were out of a lot of staples and I had to restock on that stuff, plus buy other stuff for specific meals. Which I'm pretending to have planned and actually be going to cook. Wish me luck.

I do know that tomorrow's lunch is going to be: green eggs and ham!

That's Peeper's favorite book these days, and while we were in Texas, she either asked if we could make it, or I suggested that we could. When we first got home, she asked about it daily, until I guess she gave up on Mama ever going to the grocery store again.

But I did go today (All by myself - while Peeper and Mommy visited with Grandma and Pappy, and Eena and Papa and AuntJ and J and S!), and now we own eggs, ham and spinach, so for breakfast or lunch or brunch or something, we're going to scramble them all together and make green eggs and ham!

(When we were reading it tonight, I did start preparing Peeper for the fact that it won't look like it does in the book!)

I've also sort of done some planning for other meals over the next couple of weeks (or longer, I hope, because it will be awhile before the bank lets me go back to the store!), but I have a long way to go on that.

This afternoon, I worked on making a master list of "Things We Can Eat" sorted by cuisine (Italian, Mexican, Asian, etc), meat (beef, chicken, well, that's pretty much it), cooking method (crockpot, casserole) and so on.

I started by stealing LadyKay's list, and tossing out anything that didn't sound yummy. Then I went through my "recipe file" (a file folder with a bunch of papers in it) which is all things that I've actually cooked at least once, and then I went through Pinterest - both my "Yummy Things" and "Healthy" boards.

We talked about setting up some sort of weekly or biweekly schedule - a Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday, etc sort of thing, but haven't gotten too far with that yet.

Of course, for us, everything is kind of complicated by the fact that Shrike works evenings, so our "sit down together" meal is lunch, which is often preempted, or at least rushed, by MOMS Club or other activities.

But, I am going to try to sort out which days we will be free to sit down together, and which ones I'm likely to have time to cook something "real" and when I need to just get something on the table, and plan accordingly.

In the meantime, we are restocked and ready to eat!

The newly cleaned, moved, organized  and filled "main" fridge:

and freezer

There are some "back up" things in the other freezer, but I didn't take photos of those.

The filled snack cabinet. Yes, I broke down and bought the gallon of goldfish.

And the pantry. Not exactly organized yet, but not too bad. And definitely stocked up.

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