Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Green Eggs and Ham

Peeper was first introduced to Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham via this video of it from YouTube

but I've started reading it to her myself, from our big Dr. Seuss book that she got for her first Christmas.

Recently, she declared that it is her "favorite book." (After asking me "Hey Mama, what's you favowite book?" I told her my favorite of things I've read recently is The Help, but didn't get into much of a description of it.)

While we were in Texas, I think I suggested that we could actually make and eat green eggs and ham sometime, but it's possible that it was her idea. I told her that when we got home, I'd buy the ingredients and we could make it.

For the rest of the trip, and continuing when we got home, she's asked about it repeatedly. "Why we don't have what we need to make green eggs and ham?"

So, when I made my grocery list for the big trip yesterday, I made damn sure that it had eggs and ham and green on it.

I was planning on a fairly simple scrambled egg / ham / spinach thing, but as I was looking around for pictures from the book, I stumbled upon a recipe for Green Eggs and Ham Cups.

I gave Peeper her choice of scrambling it all together, scrambling the eggs with spinach and serving the ham on the side, or putting the eggs and spinach inside ham cups, and she loved that idea.

So, ham cups it was!

I basically followed the recipe linked above, with a couple of change: I left out the hot sauce, used two pieces of deli-sliced ham per cup, and did "over-process" the egg mixture, because I was going for a green-all-over look.

The ingredients: Egg (not shown, notice how close Peeper is), spinach, flour, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, butter, ham. There's no Splenda or baking soda. They are just loitering.

Peeper helped me to put everything in the blender. Here, she's dumping in an egg.

Everything but the ham, ready to blend.


Egg cups, ready for filling. I used two sliced for each one, and lay them at right angles to each other, for better coverage.

Filled and ready to bake.


Ready to eat!

I also tried to find some printable lessons to go along with the book, but didn't have a lot of luck with the sort of thing I was looking for. Most of what I found was way over Peeper's level (writing and drawing and such) and the one thing that seemed obvious - rhyming word matching cards - was no where to be found.

Until now. It's not super-fancy, but you can download it here if you'd like.

This is what I had in mind:

This is what Peeper had in mind:

But she was very excited to see them, and surely she gets partial credit (or possibly extra credit) for telling me, repeatedly, that the word that rhymes with "goat" is "moat."

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