Monday, January 30, 2012

Fish Food

With a few last-minute cancellations, this morning's chocolate-themed recipe club turned into a playdate for Peeper and another three-year-old little girl. They played together very well, and her mom and I had a nice visit.

With brownies. And "pig lickers" - which are chocolate-covered bacon. And disturbingly delicious.

As we were getting ready to leave, Peeper spotted the box of goldfish on top of the fridge, and asked for some. I requested a ziplock to-go, since we were heading out the door.

She got out a bag for each girl, and as she poured some into the bags, she said, "Put the fish in the aquarium!" and then "Do your fish need food?" as she rummaged a bit, found a jar of sprinkles, and "fed" the fish.

Freaking genius.

When I told her so, she said, "Oh, I just made that up, just now."

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  1. Put her in charge of anything creative that needs to be done.


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