Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Potty Girl!

Peeper completed her last (knock wood) potty chart last night, and earned her third (of three available) Prima Princessa videos. As luck would have it, numbers two (Swan Lake) and three (The Sleeping Beauty) both arrived in the mail today, so she was able to watch them both by the end of the day.

Since about halfway through the previous chart, she's been really good about letting us know when she has to go to the bathroom, by telling us that either, "My pee-pee's tryin' to faw out!" or "I have a biiiig giant fing in my booty, tryin' to get out!"

(This is what I get for talking to her about what "the feeling" actually feels like, to help her to recognize it)

She's had very few accidents within the past few days (maybe a couple of pee-pees, including in the car last night, which was totally our fault, and no poops) and she's telling us consistently so, while we know that she still needs reminders and there will still be accidents from time to time, we have declared her officially Potty Trained.

To celebrate, we surprised her with a little Potty Party at lunch today.

While she and I were at the cookie party, Shrike went and picked out a balloon, and I dug the ballerina panties out from under the tree. I told her that she could choose where we were going to lunch  (She picked Applebee's, which is really weird because we've only been there a couple of times.) and Shrike met us there with the balloon, final potty prize and the certificate of achievement that came with her Sesame Street potty chart.

(At the time that she completed the chart, I couldn't find it, and also she really hadn't "achieved" anything major at that point. This was more appropriate.)

When we got home, I put all her charts (Well, no, I realized that I don't have her very first one, that was just for actually going pee-pee at all. I think it's in her box-of-things-to-save-forever.) and her certificate on the wall in her bedroom, beside her Big Girl Bed.

She's pretty excited about it.

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  1. Go Peeper! Go Peeper! To the potty! To the potty! Goooooo Peeper!


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