Thursday, December 22, 2011

Solstice Bust

We've been reading a book lately called Lights of Winter, which is an overview of several winter festivals of light, through history and in various cultures.

Of course, it talks about how they are all related to the winter solstice, so it seemed appropriate that we do something to mark the solstice today.

(Or yesterday. Or last night. Or whatever. She's three, she doesn't know.)

My plan, such as it was, was to go drive around and look at some Christmas lights, going with that whole light-lights-to-lure-back-the-sun thing.

She didn't want to do that, though, and she was pretty sleepy around darklish time, so I was hesitant to put her in the car.

So, I suggested that she and I take a walk around the block after dark and look at the lights in our neighborhood, but she wasn't interested in that either.

So, yeah, we really didn't do much of anything about it after all.

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