Saturday, December 3, 2011


I took Peeper to see The Nutcracker Suite this afternoon - on stage, and everything. We decided that it was best to show up at intermission and just catch that part, rather than expecting her to sit through The Gift of the Magi first, then wait through intermission, before finally getting to The Nutcracker.

We ended up catching the very end of Magi. I told them we were only there for Nutcracker, but they said we could go on in anyway. So, we came in at the point where the guy comes home and sees that his wife has cut her hair.

I'm still not sure why this is such a "touching" and "heartwarming" tale. It's just pretty depressing, if you ask me.

I like Bert and Ernie's version much better, where Mr. Hooper sweeps in at the last minute to save the day and give the story a happy ending.

What? Oh, yeah, Nutcracker.


And the ballet wasn't bad, either.


  1. I can't decide which I like better, #3 or #4.

  2. I love the pictures, and her dress is beautiful. Where did your baby go? I think I like picture #4 the best. I agree with you about the gift of the magi story; it is kind of depressing.


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