Monday, December 5, 2011

Looking Through the Glasses

When we finished up with Santa, we went down to the optometrist's office to pick out some frames for Shrike's new glasses.

She actually had her appointment a couple of weeks ago, and found out then that her prescription had changed, but she was waiting for me to help her choose the frames.

As I told her last time around: You only have to see with them, I have to look at them. I'll let you pick the lenses, but I get a say-so on the frames.

Actually, she pretty much ended up picking them out herself. The ones she ordered probably are not the ones that I would have chosen, just looking at the display, but when she put them on, they were pretty damn cute, so I gave them my blessing.

Before we left, I made an appointment to get my own eyes checked later this week, because crappy insurance be damned, I'm forty-three years old, I can't see to read and I can't see to drive.

Looks like Mama's gittin' some store-bought eyes for Christmas.

Of course, there will be photos of my and the Missus in our new spectacles later, but today, I just have photos of Little Miss making a spectacle of herself.

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