Monday, December 5, 2011

Behind the Scenes With Santa

Before we headed over to the mall, we went out to lunch at a little Italian place that's very near our house, but for some reason we never go. Afterward, we changed Peeper's clothes in the bathroom, and then took a few photos of her in front of their Christmas decorations. I hope they didn't mind.

As you've already seen, she did a great job with Santa. I really can't believe that I got the kid who loves to do this!

As we were getting set up, I didn't hear this, but evidently one of the "elves" asked Shrike, "Are you mom?" and she said (of course), "We both are."

What I did hear was when she said, in the middle of the photo shoot, "She (" . . . is so cute? . . . is adorable? . . . has a great smile?" I don't remember, exactly. All those things were mentioned at one point or another.) "You two are very lucky mothers."

Yes. Yes, we are.

Comparing notes on fuzzy clothing: Her velvety dress versus his furry cuffs.

The key to all Santa photos: the candy cane!

And one more, for good measure, on the bench outside his workshop.

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