Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ride 'Em Cowgirl!

When we woke up this morning, we didn't have any big plans for the day, but as soon as the MOMS Club emails started coming in, our day started shaping up.

First, we heard about a Fall Fest at the local Therapeutic Riding Center, and then we found out that the Next-Town-Over Halloween parade was tonight!

We got to the Fall Fest about an hour before they closed, but that was plenty of time for Peeper to do everything she wanted.

First we went on a scavenger hunt (followed a volunteer around from station to station and picked up prizes for her treat bag), and then she went on a "pony" ride (not. a. pony.) which, of course, she loved.

(God help us. We are totally going to be paying for riding lessons in a few years.)

Next, we hit the "stick horse rodeo." As we got there, a whole group of kids were heading into the home stretch on their horses, so Peeper was left to go it alone. The staffer who was running it raced against her and, again, she loved it.

I think there were three or four pairs of those cones you see in the first photo. When they got to the first one, she told her, "Okay, go around the cone, and we'll go back."

Nope, she was having none of that. She was ready to run the whole track. Including the "jumps" that you see below.

(Which were more like step-overs for her. She's not much of a jumper; she's just started barely getting both feet off the ground.)

Here she is, about to cross the finish line.

The we got a hotdog and some cookies, and sat on some steps eating them (and some of her candy prizes) while watching the staffers breakdown and put things away.

After the Fall Fest, we headed over to Target for a little while, where I picked up one more birthday gift (Cutest. thing. ever. You'll see it after we give it to her on Thursday.) and a few stocking stuffers, and Peeper took a nap.


Other than the late night, it was awesome, because I could go look at whatever I wanted. It was almost like being there all by myself!

From Target, we drove on up to Next-Town-Over, had some dinner, and found a spot to watch the parade.

Here we are waiting for it to start.

And getting goody while waiting for it to start.

She really seemed to enjoy it, although she did ask to go home about half way through. I was cold (she swore she wasn't, and refused to put her jacket on - her sweater is very thick, though) so I was down with that.

All in all, it was quite a day!

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