Friday, October 21, 2011


Shrike, of course, was at work this evening, but I went to the MOMS Club MOMS Night Out Halloween party, while Peeper hung out at home with MommyA and GirlieJ.

(She's not-so-much BabyJ anymore - She's about the age that Peeper was when we were watching her!)

While I was getting dressed, Peeper decided to test drive some of my costume.

What? Don't all pirates wear Elmo panties?

I had a great time with the MOMS, and from all reports, Peeper had a great time playing with J - right up until it was time for J to get some goody. Then Peeper decided that she wanted some, too. So, of course, I came home and gave her some.

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  1. :) So, do we have any pictures of The Dread Pirate Whozat?



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