Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dog Wash Day

The vet tech club at our local college holds a big dog wash in the Spring and Fall, so we took our pups over there today to get all spiffied-up.

Last time we tried this (pre-Peep), PerfectPup freaked out and we gave up and brought her home, but there wasn't a big crowd this time, so she did fine (although she did have to be dragged into the building for the actual washing).

Of course, Peeper wanted to go along, so we made it a family affair.

While we waited, she found plenty of ways to entertain herself.

First, she played with Mommy.

Then she "clime up da twee and get some honey. Here go. Here some honey fuh you, Mama. Honey fuh you, Mommy!"

Then she "painted: this brick wall with a dandelion.

And then she pooped, and I didn't have the diaper bag with us (She never poops until after her bath!) so she and I came on home in one car, while Shrike waited for the pups and brought them home a little while later.

And they were definitely spiffy! And festive!

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