Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Peeper (Part I)

Today was the first of Peeper's birthday celebrations. Shrike's aunt and uncle invited everyone over to celebrate both their birthdays, Peeper's, and Shrike's sisters (in a couple of weeks).

On the way over, we picked up a couple of balloons.

And here's Peeper's "birthday cake," which she picked out herself. It's a "cookie cake dat wook wike a happy jack-o-wantuhn."

I found the candles at the Dollar Tree - they were only lit for a minute, so we'll use them again at party #3 with her friends next week.

There was also an ice cream cake, for all the other birthday celebrants. She mostly ate that.

I was helping her to open gifts, so I didn't get any good photos of that part of the program, but here she is playing with a couple of them this evening.

Melissa and Doug stacking shapes from Shrike's sister.

Playcraft Wooden Castle from Shrike's parents. According to Peeper, these are "the queens."

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