Monday, October 31, 2011

Peeper's Bear Party

Since at least as far back as July, Peeper's been saying that she wanted to be "The Wicky Witch" for Halloween, and have a "bear party" for her birthday, and today, she made both those dreams come true. 

This morning was her birthday party, which was technically a MOMS Club playgroup, but with cupcakes and singing.

Here's the whole table, all ready for the party to start. Wait, the party had actually already started before I had it all ready!

Bear cupcakes, courtesy of one of our MOMS Club friends, who has a cupcake business.

This is Peeper's special cupcake, on her birthday plate. You can't really make it out in this photo, but it says "Happy Bear-thday!"

These chocolate bear "pops" were sort of the inspiration for the whole thing. Someone donated them for the spaghetti dinner bake sale, back in May, and when we had a bunch leftover, T and I started brainstorming about how we could use them. Thus was born the idea of the Teddy Bear Picnic, which I'm pretty sure gave Peeper the idea of a bear party. The picnic turned out to just be a play date lunch and we only ate a few of the bear pops, so T offered them to me for the party. We gave them out as favors, and still have a handful left!

That mug, with our family photo on it, was one of the "big reveal" gifts from my MOMS Club "Secret Sister" last spring. She got the picture from M, the photographer. How sweet is that?

The yellow and orange peppers that you see here were actually the pepp-o-lanterns from Friday night, with the dip scraped back into the packages, and then washed off. The dip is what was leftover. Is that wrong?

These cookies, icing and sprinkles were also leftover from Friday, and Peeper and I decorated them yesterday. The orange icing is what I made on Friday, and the purple was from a can of white icing that someone else had donated Friday, but Shrike brought home. She told me later that T had handed it to her and told her to throw it away, but she knew that I'd kill her if I ever found out she'd thrown away an almost-full can of icing, so she brought it home. Peeper and I colored it purple, and she was just as impressed with that as she was with the orange the other day.

Gummi Bears, of course. Somehow, I managed not to get a photo of any of the four flavors of Teddy Grahams that I served. There was also some cheese, and at the last minute, I added Goldfish, because Peeper wanted some. Of course.

I swear, we could skip all the gifts and just sing to her a hundred times, and she'd be just as happy.

Here she is with her special cupcake, right after the singing.

Peeper's plate, with her cupcake and ice cream cup. (I stole that idea from BabyBro and His Genius Wife. They served ice cream cups at the twins' birthday party and it was so much easier than scooping and serving for everyone.)

What you can't see here is that when I opened Peeper's ice cream, it had a smiley face on it. Actually, if you look closely at the inside of the lid, at the top of the photo, you can almost see it there. 


  1. Goldfish at a Bear Party seems perfectly appropriate to me. After all, bears like to eat fish.

    BTW, did her card get there?


  2. That's exactly what I said to justify it!

    Yes, the card arrived on the 28th. Thank you! An official thank you card will be in the mail as soon as I buy stamps!


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