Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick-or-Treat III - The Real Deal

As has become tradition, we went over to Shrike's parents' house this evening, had pizza for dinner, and then went out trick or treating in their neighborhood.

It was probably about 40 degrees out, so we layered Peeper up as best as we could (tights, sweats, long john shirt, turtle neck, witch dress), given that she wasn't going to let us put a coat on her, and hit the road.

She wanted to be carried between houses, but went up to the doors with her cousin, S, who reported that she said "Trick or treat" and "thank you," to the people.

That lasted for about four houses, then she declared that she wanted to go back to Eena and Papa's house. We explained that her other option was to keep going and get more candy, but nope, she was done.

Which was fine. It's not a forced march, and it's not like there wasn't plenty of candy back at the house. (Much of which mysteriously found its way into her trick or treat bag, thank you, Papa!)

So, back we went, where she changed back into her comfy clothes, and we had a nice visit with Shrike's grandparents, dad and nephew, who were handing out candy, until her mom, sister and niece came in (freezing) an hour or so later.

Peeper with her cousin, Satan.

And her other cousin, Candy Dude. (Notice Glinda in the background.)

Fake trick-or-treating for the camera. 

Heading up to a house with S. 

Back at the house - S and Aunt Shrike.

Peeper adores S. 

And the feeling seems to be mutual. 

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