Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Well, not too, too, lazy, I guess, in that we did do some last minute cleaning for Peeper's "Bear Party" tomorrow morning. (But not panic cleaning, it actually wasn't too bad, believe it or not.)

We started with some leftover mac and cheese for lunch. Peeper requested "a hotdog with dips" so I decided to liven it up a bit.

This was supposed to be a spider. Yeah, not so much. More of a crab, maybe?

That "cocktail fork" came with our corndog nuggets the other night, and she had the best time stabbing them with it, so we decided to hang onto it. I might buy some real ones, just for the fun factor. 

Evidently, she got a hollow leg for her birthday. I swear, she's eaten more in the past four days than she has in the past three years!

Of course, for her, that still means that she left a couple of bites behind for the doggies.

And, of course, we went outside to play in the snow a couple of times. We figured we couldn't say no, since it's not likely to last much longer, and it may be a while (I hope) before we get any more.

She had a great time swinging, until we made her stop because she was about to fall asleep, at five o'clock!

I think I understand why she keeps referring to her panda hat and gloves as a "costume."

I even cooked real (not from a box!) food for dinner. I've got a whole post coming up on that!

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  1. A costume she can wear anytime it's cold!



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