Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thirty-Five Months

Dear Peeper:
You are thirty-five months old today. (Well, technically, in a couple of days; I'm writing this a bit early and scheduling it since we'll be in Texas on your month-birthday.) That means, of course, that you will be three years old in a month. In a few days, I can say that you'll be three "at the end of this month."

I guess I'm already sort of starting to think of you as "three" more and more often, but then I think "That's crazy. 'Three' is what the big kids are," and then I realize what a "big kid" you are getting to be.

The main thing worth discussing from the past month is the fact that we've all been sick for most of it. You started feeling yucky the first week of September and we're not all better yet. You've been feeling pretty good for a week or more, but had a couple of rough days at the beginning of the week, and we all have a few more days of antibiotics to go.

Because of that, we've not made much progress on our Letter of the Week, only managing to cover V and W, and really kind of half-assing those. Of course, those are kind of tough ones, since there aren't a ton of words that start with them, and we've once again gotten ahead of the Tot School Printables, so had to sort of wing it for W.

Even so, and even with our upcoming trip, I think we should be able to finish up the alphabet before your birthday, and then we'll concentrate on the holidays and some appropriately-themed activities and jump back into the more academic stuff (possibly at a slightly more structured level) after the first of the year.

I'm not sure exactly what we'll work on then, but it will certainly be beyond your basic color / shape / letter recognition stuff, because you've got that down.

Lately, you've been very into noticing and pointing out when things are the same color, and sometimes when something is the color of something that's not even there at the time.

For example, the other day we were in the car and you were wearing your reindeer nose (what?) and your Elmo sweatshirt, and you told me that "My waindeah nose is da same cowuh as my Ehmo sweatshuht. An itsa same cowuh as Mommy's cah, and da same cowuh as Mommy's twuck. It not da same cowuh as you cah. You cah is yewwoh."

You especially like to point out cars that look like Mommy's. Pretty much every red car we see, actually.

You'll also say things like "Dat's bwoo, wike Cookie Monstuh," or "Yewwow wike Big Buhd."

And you're evidently better at remembering these things that I am.

You've been on two different antibiotics lately. The first one was pink and bubblegum flavored, and you were not a fan. Everytime I gave it to you, you told me "Don' wan' it," or "Don' wike it," but you took it with no further complaint, for which I am very grateful.

Then we switched to a different medicine, which is strawberry flavored, and you really like it. You've even asked for more!

Yesterday, I told you "It's time for your pink medicine, I'm going to go get it," and you said "No! Gween medsin!" I said, "No, baby, we don't have any green medicine, just your pink medicine." You kept insisting that you wanted "gween medsin" and not pink medicine, and I kept telling you that there was no such thing.

I took you into the kitchen, and put you up on the counter, and picked up the bottle.

The green-tinted bottle, containing white-colored medicine.

Oh. Okay, honey. Here's your green medicine.

And you just crack me up with the things that you say. I really wish I could remember them all.

A couple of days ago, you were coloring with sidewalk chalk and I noticed that you were digging your fingernail into the side of it, so I told you "Please don't scratch the chalk like that," and you said, "Oh, okay, I won't. I just cowuh wif it."

That little "Oh" is just adorable, and it pops up in the funniest places.

When I walk into the room, you'll say "Oh, hi Mama!" or if you're looking for me, "Oh, Maaamaa! Wheh ah you?"

I love it when you talk to us like a grown up.

The other day, I came in to the living room where you and Mommy were playing and you looked up and said, "Hey, Mama. What's up?"

Just today (um, I mean a couple of days ago), you asked me "Hey Mama, you seen Mommy?"

Of course, you also talk to the critters and your toys just like this, too, "Whassa mattah, Galoot?" and "What kind of fwoot (piece of your fruit puzzle) you wan' BoyCat? What's you favwit fwoot?"

One of your latest adorable things is when you're playing hide-and-seek with Mommy. You'll shut her in the bathroom that's off the bedroom, and come to me and say, "Mama! Come in the bedwoom and fine you wife!"

In other words, pretty much everything you say is either brilliant, hilarious, or both.

As are you, our biggy-big-girl.

Happy almost-threeness!

I love you!


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