Monday, September 26, 2011

Window Shopping . . .

. . . at the airport gift shop.

We made it to Texas safe and sound, and Peeper was, as always, the perfect traveling companion.

I think she had two, maybe three, whiney times, involving not wanting to stay in her CARES harness the whole time (the seatbelt light stayed lit, but it really wasn't bouncy, so after our trip to the potty for a diaper change, I let her stay out of it, and nobody yelled at us), and wanting her crayons to stay on the tray table, but each time she was distracted and appeased by a new snack or a new set of "cards" (I went through my stash of printable unit studies and did a few new sets of matching cards) and cheered right up.

For the first time, she was on her own two feet for most of the trip. I'm no longer allowed to wear her through security, so there's no sense in getting her loaded up, then down and back up, so I started with her on the leash, and then loaded her up for the walk to our gate.

After we sat around a while and ate some of our snacks, we took a walk down to the potty and when we got back, the plane was boarding, so she did all that - including getting on the plane - on leash, instead of being worn, and it was really much easier, especially that part about getting into our row and seated.

When we arrived in Houston, I put her on leash to deplane, and had planned to load her up for the walk to baggage claim after a potty-stop, but we'd arrived early and Frappa was running late, so we were in no hurry, and we were at the same terminal as the baggage (sometimes we fly into a different terminal and it's a much farther walk), so she just walked with me, and she did great.

A brief wait for Frappa, then a stop for Italian food, a nap for Peeper (ugh) in the car and we're here. Of course, she was up til about 2 am (faking the timestamp, again) but now she's snoozing away, and we have no plans tomorrow until lunch time, so that's all cool.

Oh, we did one other thing while we were at the airport - read on . . . .

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