Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guerrilla Goodness

First, go check out Kindness Girl and her acts of Guerrilla Goodness.

Feeling inadequate yet?

On the Guerrilla Goodness site, there's a feature where you can enter your cell number to get a "Kindness Mission" via text message. I just signed up on Sunday, so I don't know if it's a one-time deal, or periodic missions.

At any rate, yesterday morning, I received the following text:

Leave 10 encouraging messages on post-its in public places. Include the word HOPE in 5 of them, the rest are freebies. Have fun!!!
At first I thought, "Eh, I'm too busy today," and then I realized, what better time/place to find a hidden little pick-me-up than when you're rushing through an airport?

So, I asked Shrike if we had any Post-Its, and of course she asked me why. "I don't want to tell you; you're going to think I'm a big dork." "Well, I already know you're a big dork. Why do you need the Post-Its?"

I told her, and she found me a free sample pack with (I believe) fifteen of them, and I scribble some little notes, like "Hope you have a great flight!" and "Have a great trip!" and tucked them into my pocket.

When Peeper and I got through security and were killing time before our flight, I stashed them in about three different gift shops, and on several waiting-for-my-plane chairs.

I did a couple of those ". . . sweet day" ones, both on candy, of course.

There was also "It's a great day for exploring!" which I put on a guidebook of Greece (I think) and "This is a great book. I hope you enjoy it!" inside a copy of The Help. (I knew I'd find it there!)

There were some "Have fun!" notes on games, too, but mostly they were of the "have a great trip!" variety, in assorted random places.

I threw in one additional note - a fullpage "Thank you for helping to keep us safe. Have a great day!" inside my suitcase for the TSA inspectors who always go through it, because I check my laptop and assorting cords and cables.

When I opened it at Anonymama's house, I found the note in exactly the same spot where I'd left it, but there was a "We inspected your bag" notice right beside it, so I assume someone found it.

It did occur to me, it being an airport, sneakily leaving things laying around might be seen as suspicious, but I managed to unload fifteen bits of anonymous cheer without being spotted, so it's all good.

Guerrilla good!

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